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Dentist said J needs a root canal on the tooth that's hurting, sometime in March is the earliest they can fit him in. And sent him home with antibiotics and a vague promise that it wouldn't get worse enough to need serious painkillers (just as well coz they can't prescribe them). It didn't, quite, get worse enough yesterday evening, tho he's on maximum dose of both neurofen plus and paracetamol (with thanks to Phil for letting J know that taking both of those would be fine). He's a bit better this morning & slept better last night - certainly I only woke up the one time he switched the light on to find the paracetamol!

And I've got a slight cold & that's combined nicely with 2 nights of disrupted sleep (even if last night was better than the night before) and a bit of fretting yesterday about J to leave me feeling fuzzy round the edges. So no scintillating wit and entertaining anecdotes this morning ;)
Tags: health, j, teeth
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