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14 February 2001 @ 06:48 pm
"Licence Invoked" by Robert Aspirin and Linda Evans  
This book is humourous fantasy, and is therefore not a part of the SF genre that I usually enjoy - therefore when I say I thought it was an amusing bit of fluff that's actually quite a high compliment :) The basic premise is that magic works, but otherwise the world is much as the world really is. The lead character, Elizabeth, is a member of a UK government agency (called OOPSI) which deals with threats of a paranormal nature. She is sent to protect an irish folk singer who actually is an old school friend - but who doesn't want anyone to know that as she's re-invented her past and being chums with a fairly upperclass english lass won't fit. This folk singer and her band are playing a concert in New Orleans, but she is being targetted by some supernatural person/agency that wish her harm. Elizabeth and her opposite number in New Orleans have to try and find out what's going on before disaster occurs.

It's quite fun - most of the humour comes from the inevitable culture clash between strait-laced Elizabeth and her laid-back opposite number, Boo-Boo. I don't think it's a book I'll ever read again though, there wasn't much substance to it, so now I know what happens there's not a lot of incentive to read it again.