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Zombies & Beer, Like a Good Friday Should!

So I'm sitting here thinking to myself, what can I say about yesterday that isn't about washing machines? Coz guess what I spent all of yesterday afternoon thinking about? All I've decided is that an arbitrary cut-off of £300 looks like it might be a little low, so an arbitrary cut-off of £400 might make more sense. Oh, and I like the idea of buying from Dixons coz for an extra tenner they'll not only take the old one away as scrap but will actually install the new one (other places either seemed to charge more for installation or offer to recommend you an installer ... I could probably plug it all in myself, I'm not dumb, but it'd be nicer for someone else to do it ;) ). But I'm still utterly at sea over which to buy. And whether an extra hundred quid actually gets me anything other than some vague idea that the build quality might be better, maybe? *sigh*

Still, that's boring for everyone including me, so I'll shut up about it for now.

And, umm, yeah. That had been most of my day. The evening was full of beer and zombies like a good friday evening should be :D The drama llama has been hanging out with my zombie hunting group a bit lately, but hopefully it's all calming down again, and we had a couple of good games last night :) Got golds on both the Crash Course survival maps - the one we've been working on off & on for ages just came together on the fifth or sixth attempt yesterday. We'd opened up the 4th slot to pub (was only me/alt/dnky playing) and after a small succession of random weirdos ("it's not me playing, it's my mate, he wants to shoot zombies, where are they?" ... er, right) we got someone pretty good, albeit silent. And after a couple of duds, got 11 mins! Went to do the other map, thought it might take some work, and got nearly 12 mins (iirc) straight off on first attempt \o/ Also looked at another campaign map - No More Industries. Which has a nasty nasty crashing bug on the first level - reboot the pc type crash. But when we started over on the second level it seemed like a pretty good map. A little after 1am we kinda gave up tho, hadn't got to the finale and were well into the land of diminishing returns ;)

(This userpic is my zombie hunter one, in my head, coz it's my steam avatar (gender neutral ftw) - probably not quite what Sally envisaged when she made it for me! ;) )
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