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Saturdays Are Always Lazy

Yesterday started laaaaaate, as I'd been up till getting on for 2 or thereabouts, and J is still sleeping more than usual coz of the tooth thing & the disrupted sleep earlier in the week. So there was no morning & a somewhat truncated afternoon ;) Still got in some lego rockband - including finally managing to 100% a track on expert guitar. Dunno why it took so long, there were plenty of easier tracks I should've been able to do, but I'd drop a note or something. Finally one came together though :)

Also had an impromptu extra mini-TV night. Jo had texted J on Wednesday about a programme about Egypt that was on & by the time he looked at the phone it was half over, but we recorded the rest anyway. So we watched that - it was about Rameses II, and the segments we saw covered his building programme (large chunks of Karnak (including the hypostyle hall), the temples at Abu Simbel) and his eventual death (in his early nineties at a time when the average lifespan was 40 years). A really interesting programme, wish we'd caught the start of it. J thinks he'd probably seen it before, but I'm fairly sure I hadn't. (And I haven't given the name of it coz I've forgotten already :/ )

We also watched a 10 minute thing - "Around the World in 80 Treasures", which seems to be Dan Cruikshank (the "gosh" guy, as me & J call him coz when he gets enthusiastic about things he practically bounces up and down and says "gosh!" a lot). This episode was about the Ark of the Convenant in Ethiopia (well, probably, only the one monk gets to see it and he can't come out & tell anyone about it, if anyone else sees it they'll turn into ash ...). Slightly cringe-inducing, particularly as having seen another programme about Ethiopia recently that did the same "you can't see it" thing we already knew the answer. But fun to watch despite it.

And zombies till far too late to round off the day. Including having to work out on the fly how to ban someone off the server - some random pub player who was griefing & kept coming back after being kicked (what a lovely way to spend your Saturday night, sitting in & trying to spoil other people's evenings, lametastic). Valve haven't half made it hard to guess the right commands, had to google for it in the end. Note to self: 'rcon users' followed by 'rcon banid 0 <userid> kick' should do a kickban (didn't try that last night, did the two seperately). But a good game nonetheless :)
Tags: africa, computer, egypt, games, l4d, l:rb, tv
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