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The return of winter has continued - complete with more snow! Three lots of snow this winter, we live in the south, this isn't supposed to happen! It was more "normal" snow for here though - it snowed off & on most of Wednesday afternoon & evening, but had mostly melted by Thursday afternoon when I had to go out & actually do the shopping. Back to snowing again this morning, but again doesn't look like it'll last long. J's taken the opportunity to work from home, but really it's clearing already.

Really didn't do much yesterday during the day other than chores - tho I did set up facebook chat to work through pidgin (it's an xmpp service now). I failed (epically) from the set of instructions that J pointed me at, partly because the thing that you use to log onto facebook isn't your username, your username is the "easy url" thing. Silly me, why would I expect the word to mean what it normally does, as if ;) But then someone else linked me to the facebook page about it which had an idiots guide :) Much nicer using it via a real IM client, not the silly little box at the bottom of the webpage. Easier to spot people talking to me, too.

Zombie hunting after dinner - we still didn't make it to the finale of No More Industries. Tho one attempt had us right next to the safe room door when a hunter crawled out & incapped first me then dnky (alt was long dead by this point). Gives us summat to do this evening ;)
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