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A Tale of Three Ratlings

Once upon a time there were three little black & white rats, the spiritual descendants of Pickle the Great Sofarat herself. Patch was a warrior re-incarnated as shown by her splodgy markings, Houdini was always getting out of things and (picca)Lily could never see trouble or a pickle without wanting to jump headfirst into it. three little ratlings sitting on a chair

As is the way of things the rats started out small, and lived in tubes without a care in the world. Sleeping and dreaming of the life they would lead. Patch daydreamed of becoming the next Sofarat, Houdini was sure there was a world outside somewhere if she could just find the way and Lily dreamt of the time when she would be acknowledged Queen of the World and not just by her transformer army!Lily inspects her transformer army for readiness

Life was good and the ratlings grew bigger and stronger, and ever more beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that they gained fans around the world1 via the power of the internet. (Our heroines are a little unclear on the concept, they think it has something to do with tubes, bigger tubes than the old ones they used to live in, tho.) The Food Giant took many pictures to show their fans, and paid the ratlings for their time in chocolate drops.Payment for pictures

But trouble was ahead!

As the number of pictures increased, the number of chocolate drops did not. The ratlings tried to talk to the Food Giant about this, but he remained resolute - the rates were set, and the ratlings would have no say in this. After much discussion, and anguish, the ratlings realised there was nothing left to do but to strike. So they made up some little signs, with slogans on: Pay Us Properly! A Living Wage for Ratlings! No Pictures Without Payment!

Rat Strike!

Finally the fateful words were uttered by the Food Giant himself: "If they show me their union cards I'll have to reevaluate their pay, I suppose.". And he thought to himself Who on earth hands out union cards to ratlings2, I've won this round! Little did he know that this infact would be victory for the rats.

Sure enough, two days later there was a special delivery specially for the ratlings. Their union cards had arrived!

Patch and her card Houdini and her card Lily and her card

And they all lived happily ever after - with more chocolate drops for the ratlings than ever before!

Credits: The ratlings live with yOUKAYJAY and all photos are courtesy of him - some doctored by myself. The links go through to more rat photos, they're worth looking at coz the rats are cute! yOUKAYJAY probably would like me to point out that the lunacy is all me, he just keeps pet rats.

Note: My printer sucks, the original image for the rat union cards looked a lot nicer than the printout!

1 That would be, er, me. I'm in Ipswich, that's in the world!
2 That would be, er, me. Yes, I'm a loon.
Tags: fiction, rats, whimsy
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