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All Games All The Time! (Well, not really, but ... )

Played a ton of computer games over the last couple of days. Fished out Little Big Planet for the first time in a long time - definitely the first time since I changed my PSN account. It's not quite the same as it was last time I played it, while I knew it had been patched I didn't know they'd changed stuff in the early levels of the game - like the spots to put trigger stickers now have glowy flashing bits to make them stand out more & when you get the right sticker positioned over it glows green to let you know it's right. I guess people must've been missing them? Played through the first set of levels (The Garden) - on the plus side the Stephen Fry voiceover makes me giggle every time ("Don't throw the controller at the cat. He'll only fling something back & it'll just escalate!", "We'd like to say no sackpeople were hurt in the making of this game. [pause] We'd like to say that. [cough]".). But on the minus side, I still had my normal frustration with platformers where I know exactly what I'm trying to do I just can't get the control system & myself to co-operate enough to do it. I'll probably play a bit more sometime though, even despite the swearing at it. Probably not when I have an audience though ;)

Kept on with my new (new new) Rockband 2 game, too - the games are tied to psn id + console, so as we've had to replace our console a couple of times I've had to start over with a new game each time. I'm going for a depth rather than breadth strategy this time - just trying to open the whole thing up as much as I can before going back to fill in the other gigs. Got as far as getting Roadies now and it's starting to get more of a stretch - still all songs I can do, just might flail at them a bit more than I'd like. At some point I'll have to drop it down to hard to open stuff up, but I think I don't need to do that till the very top tier of songs. Possibly. The dynamic is different when there's more people in the band - coz you can fail out twice before disaster, so only one of the two of us needs to be able to play it well enough to finish ;) And I've not tried the later songs solo (I'd mostly done a breadth first approach for my singleplayer game before).

Lego Rockband with J yesterday - played the Rock Marathon set, 15 random songs. Which is quite random now we've got the DLC in it. When it started us off with Rio (by Duran Duran) we thought it was a bad sign, but there were only 2 or 3 tracks where we just flapped our way to the end rather than play it ;) The fail mechanism in L:RB makes it more approachable though, it's impossible to actually totally fail a track as far as I can see, you get to try & fail & try & fail over & over till you get to the end of the music. I think today we do the Endless Setlist (which does end, it's 30 random tracks).

And of course I played some l4d too. Friday me & alt had another go at No More Industries, but Friday night is beer night, so we didn't get any further than we'd got on Thursday before we ran out of time in the evening. Fun game tho, and I finally got the crown a witch award \o/ *dances round the room* Made my evening, that did :D And last night we tried some map dnky had found that was based on some bit of one of the resident evil games (mm, vague much? I can't remember the name off the top of my head, nor which resi game it was as I've not played any of them). It was kinda different - single map, but bits were blocked off till you found a "thing" and used it to trigger a trigger point. Bit more puzzley, and quite fun for a change. Well, I thought so, anyway. Doubt we'll play it again tho, was a bit frustrating with no spawn rooms & alt was distinctly Unimpressed and apathetic about it.
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