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Even a Boring Day is Better with Pancakes! :D

Finally got round to ordering a washing machine yesterday. I'd almost done it before, then when it was out of stock had got worried all over again about whether the one I'd chosen would fit through the door ... In the end I decided on a slightly smaller Bosch, the dimensions given include about 4cm clearance, we shouldn't even need to take the door off to fit it through. And it's still big enough for the tumbledryer to sit on top. And I think it's the same capacity as the current one (5kg) so that should be adequate. And it'll spin! Yay! Arrives next Tuesday, assuming all goes well, and the novelty will've worn off practically before it's installed - even more boring than a new mobile phone ;)

J worked from home yesterday afternoon - he'd had a shitty morning and was in a grump, so he came home to spread the joy ;) Which included a training thing he was having to listen to, about SVN ... which was patronising1, had one (& possibly 2) of the worst EVER voices for such things, and was deeply broken. He ended up trying it in several different media players but it cut off not very far in every time, so we heard the intro SO many times. His work tech support weren't entirely useful, either. I could quite understand the foul mood ;)

But he cheered up in the evening coz it was pancake day! Most years our friend Ed comes over for pancakes, but this year the day snuck up on us all unawares - I only realised over the weekend - so Ed & Tash were busy already. Which means we'll just have to have a second pancake day soon :) Despite the fact that pancakes were the entirety of our dinner we only had sweet ones. I had all my pancakes with lemon & sugar - the one true way, but J mostly followed the heathen path of golden syrup. A fine and tasty dinner!2

1. I'd naively assumed that (compulsory) training materials for a bunch of techies would concentrate on the specifics of how that particular system/piece of software worked. But no, it started off at such a basic level that it was covering stuff I already knew, and my knowledge of code management systems stops at about the level of "they exist". And this was part 2! I've no idea what part 1 covered, how to type? How to switch your pc on?

2. And desperately unhealthy, yes, yes I know. But who cares, pancake day comes but once a year (except this year when we'll have 2!) :)
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