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Small Breaks in the Routine ...

The last few days have had slightly disrupted routines - just out enough to have none of the days feel like the right day (yes, I'm a creature of habit!). Secondary disruption was the cat getting himself conjunctivitis, at first we thought it would go away but Thursday afternoon we decided that we should probably take him off to the vets. Where he also got his vaccinations which he was due, so not an "extra" trip. He's pretty good at the vets - let her look at his eye, and do most of the pokings and proddings of his annual check-up, without much complaint. Until she brought out the stethoscope at which point he started growling quietly. Every year, without fail, he does this - even having his temperature taken doesn't bother him as much as having the vet listen to his heart & breathing. And given where they put the thermometer you'd think that'd be the less pleasant one! So now he just has to have eyedrops for 5 days ... which hasn't been as much of a fight as I'd feared, and it seems to be getting better already, thankfully :)

The primary disruption was reading that paper I posted about yesterday, taking notes, explaining it to J a few times (as an iterative process) then writing it all out coherently. And re-writing where I still hadn't quite got the explanation down to layman's terms, it's always astonishing how much of what one thinks is "normal" language turns out to be jargon once you talk to someone who isn't part of the field ;) That all told took up quite a few hours of Wednesday & Friday, plus the dozen or so conversations over the course of Thursday. It's been a while since I've written something more formal than my day-to-day ramblings (as much as it was formal, it's certainly less full of asides & smileys!), and I re-read it a few hours later & think I'm rather pleased with it :) Which is good, coz J's handed the link out to a few of the Egyptology blogs he reads & people are actually reading it & linking to it! (And I'm torn between "omg how scary" and "yay! people like it!").
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