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A Day of Laziness :)

I think J played Fallout 3 all day yesterday. Well, that's not quite true - he did stop to eat, twice, and watched an episode of Rome right at the end of the evening to avoid a repetition of Saturday night's "oh, I'll just do a little more" late night ;) Looks like a pretty good game, tho a helluva time suck ;) Can tell it's by the same people as Morrowind, there's something about the style of the graphics.

Not quite sure what I did with most of the day. Several bits of bitty things, I think, and cooking, obviously. I'd set a bunch of upgrades running overnight Saturday night & one bombed out early on (too early a gcc version, I need to bite the bullet & upgrade that this week I think). So I had to set the rest going all over again in the morning when I got up which delayed the normal morning things. Spent some of the time reading my current book ("The Mind of Egypt" by Jan Assmann) which is going fairly slowly, but it is still interesting. Sometimes I find, though, that I understand what he's talking about, but I'm not quite sure why we're discussing it in the section it's in. That may be because I've had long gaps between sessions of reading it, so I'm losing the thread, I'm not sure.

And obviously there were zombies in the evening. We'd been playing Dead Before Dawn the last couple of days, but I didn't want to put it on the server coz it seemed somewhat involved & I don't have install access to the server if I screw it up. That and putting a 1.1Gb zip up on the server would take ~10 hours ... So alt was local hosting the games. Looks like quite a nice map, a lot of thought & effort has gone into it, though it's still quite buggy. Local hosting gets laggy at times though, when there's lots of zombies on screen, which didn't help for playing it ;) Tried a different map last night instead (so back on server) - Dead Flag Blues. Which is well dark, had to switch off my desk lamp to see it better and even bringing the steam overlay up would look suddenly very bright. Doesn't help that my monitor is gradually dying - so despite having the brightness rammed up to full it's still darker than it should be. Eventually I guess it's gonna be unusable, but so far it's still OK I just notice it on stuff like this map which is dark for everyone else too :)
Tags: books, computer, egypt, fallout3, games, gentoo, l4d, ps3
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