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6. "The Gathering Storm" by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson. This is the first part of the last "book" of the Wheel of Time series - Jordan died before he could finish it & when Sanderson stepped in to write the rest of it it became clear to all concerned that it would be more than one book, there was just too much story to fit in. J & I have been buying Wheel of Time books for the last decade or more, I think the series was up to 6 or 7 when we started with it. Unfortunately it seemed to've got bogged down in little details by book 10 (where pretty much nothing happened, it just didn't happen at length & in great detail), so we didn't buy book 11 initially (picked it up at the end of last year, once it had been out in paperback for a bit) although we did get it from the library and read it when it first came out. It was a pleasant surprise that stuff happened in book 11, but given the new author we got book 12 (this one) from the library first (and anyway, paperbacks take up less shelf space, so we'll wait for that anyway).

So how was it? First off, it felt like a Wheel of Time book. No way to tell how much of this was actually written by Jordan and how much by Sanderson, which is good, coz it means he's got the voice down. The characters felt like the people I remembered - tho it's been a while since I read the previous books (and in fact I forgot so much of what happened in book 11, having only read it once 4 years ago or so, that I had to look up a plot summary online to get up to speed). Stuff continues to happen, and it definitely feels like things are pulling together for the end of the series. And I enjoyed reading it :)

Not going to really talk about the Stuff which happens, coz that'd be spoilery. Most of the book is about Rand and about Egwene, although I think all the other major characters get "on-screen" time except Elayne. Tho once I start thinking about that, who's a major character & who's not, there's others with no screen time that might count? Anyway. One thing that happens with Rand right in the middle of the book I wasn't expecting at all, and taking that with the end of the book and the repetition through the series that the only way to win at Snakes & Foxes is to break the rules, maybe this is the key to the Last Battle? (My, that's vague, even if it's a note to myself, will I understand it by the time we get to the end??)
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