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I was gonna put up a bonus cat picture this morning, but I don't even seem to have any decent cat pics since the last one I did ;) There's one of him looking like a furry beach ball on the camera, but that's about it.

So instead I actually need to think of something to say, which seems slightly difficult this morning due to being a bit tired (up till nearly 2) and just a smidge hungover - Friday being beer & zombie night :) I'm not sure about the map we were playing - M-I-C, the first level (of 6) felt too hard, but possibly do-able in the end (on expert, I mean, once we dropped it down to advanced we did it first go through). Alt disagrees, he thinks I'm foolishly optimistic to think we'd get past the 5 minute lift ride through zombies ;) Second level was more of a sadistic fairground ride & less of a zombie apocalypse ... things to fall off, spinning platforms with tanks chucking rocks at us, a bit where you had to press the right button to open the door out of about 40 (and no it wasn't the one that was a different colour to all the rest!) otherwise you fell through the floor, a floor that disappeared (with two or three tanks on the other side for when you judged it wrong). I'm less fond of that sort of thing, it's not what I'm playing the game for, I'm wanting to shoot zombies! And we didn't make it past a bit with a pipe to walk along and a bunch of spinning fans to knock you off it, coz it was late and no-one could really be arsed playing any further (one of us had already left coz she had to work in the morning). So dunno if we'll go back to it or if we'll find something less sadistic & more fun ;)
Tags: computer, games, l4d, meta
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