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Virtuous Shopping Trip!

Succeeded in getting into town in time to get to shops-that-aren't-sainsburys. And as a result managed to get Mother's Day cards (where does the apostrophe in that go anyway? is it the day of the mother or the day of the mothers? Mothering Sunday is easier to be sure I'd spelt right, but somehow it seems wrong to say "Happy Mothering Sunday" in a card ;) ). Not actually "real" Mothers' Day cards (equal opportunities apostrophe placement ftw), coz they were all pink and too-too-frilly and well, disgusting (to my tastes) or had jokes that I'd appreciate (were I a mother) but neither my mother nor my mother-in-law would :) So some nice tasteful cards, with flowers on as is appropriate for Mothering Sunday (all three, bingo, I win?).

And I got a birthday card and pressie for Dave's wife. Which is always a tad difficult, because I really don't know Sally well at all, despite her having been married to my brother for nearly 5 years. And so I spent a while wandering around shops thinking "ooh, that's nice, but ... will Sally like it, dunno?". Settled on something in the end, finally. Just have to wrap it & go back into town today to post it coz I'm still not quite sure if her birthday is Thursday or Saturday, so I should be on the safe side.

And made it to the bank before it shut to pay in a cheque and made it to the library to return the Wheel of Time book. Which I did last, incase I spent hours in there ;)

A very productive afternoon. Now I just need to get up and do something today to make today also be productive ;)
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