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Hitting things with swords, what's not to like?

A large chunk of yesterday got eaten up by Final Fantasy XIII for me - J was doing hieroglyphs homework again, so I got hold of the PS3 while he was doing that (and stayed there till he dislodged me to go & cook dinner 4 or 5 hours later ;) ). Still enjoying it a lot. It's very pretty to look at, the story is keeping me entertained (and I like the non-linear way it's told, with flashbacks building up the story of the last 13 days while obviously you're carrying on the story from then). And you get to hit lots of things with swords and fire and other spells, what's not to love? ;) Weapon upgrades are still the thing that I'm likely to screw up tho, I'm hoping it'll not bite me in the ass too hard later that I've not put that much thought into it so far ;)

J spent all day (when I wasn't on the PS3) playing God of War III which arrived yesterday morning. I hesitate to say it's a "pretty" game, coz it's not pretty in the normal sense of the word. But it looks impressive :) Fun to watch, and J seems to be having fun playing it. Even if he got bogged down at one of the boss battles for a while last night! Gameplay mostly seems to be wander along the path killing things, interspersed with some more puzzly bits and boss battles (which go on for several stages each ending in a QTE). And it's all really quite impressively gory. You rip open things and let their guts spill out. Or rip off big massive chunks of skin to kill. Or rip off the lower jaw of something, or a head. It might even be just a little too gruesome for me - it's pretty visceral. I'll have to give it a go myself sometime to see if it really is ;)
Tags: ffxiii, games, gowiii, ps3
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