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Forsythia Flowers

Forsythia Flowers, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

The forsythia is just starting to flower - I really like the yellow flowers & the bush looks pretty when it flowers. Shame that the rest of the spring/summer it's just a big green bush that tries to grow to touch the sky!

Pics of the newly tided-up flowerbeds are here, here and here - mostly bare earth with a few green bits. I'm thinking I might try & take pics once a week, coz it's always surprising how much it all grows after being so bare at the start of spring. And maybe then next year I won't worry so much about if any of it is going to grow at all ;)

And if you click through to my flickr account there's also a bonus cat pic as well as a couple more leaf/flower bud pics.

And in other news I think I deserve a hangover day after the mixture I drank yesterday evening, but it hasn't happened - hopefully not lurking to appear later this afternoon or something dreadful like that ;)

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