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Lazy Weekend :)

Lots of Final Fantasy XIII played over the weekend - J let me have the PS3 Saturday while he was doing hieroglyphs work, then I also got a couple of hours in while he was out at a karate grading on Sunday. I'm up to chapter 11 now, and the game has just changed from linearly following a story to a much less linear format. I've got to an area where there are lots of random critters scattered around, and lots of missions to do - I've "done" all the low level ones which it says is 7% of the missions. Done is in scare quotes coz you get rated on the missions, and whilst I've completed them once I haven't 5-starred anything yet. I think I'm gonna go back and try and work on that for a bit. It gives CP (for leveling up your character) and items (for leveling up your weapons), just like the non-mission critter fights do. So worth repeating anyway, and I'm sure I can do them better if I could just get more of the hang of it. And besides, hitting critters is my favourite bit, so more of that is no bad thing ;)

I didn't just play games all weekend, tho it was close ;) I also read a bit more of my book about Egypt which is now talking about the Amarna period - and it points out that this is a very rare (unique?) case where we have documentary evidence of the start of a religion that's not obscured by later tradition & writings, because (of course) this religion failed to take off and was actually expunged from the historical record by later Egyptians.

And I cooked, and did other chores. But mostly I played games :)
Tags: book, egypt, ffxiii, games, ps3
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