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Doctor Who "The Eleventh Hour"

Doctor Who is pretty much the only thing I make a point of watching live on TV - not timeshifted at all even now we have the tech to do so (yes, we spent years without a way of recording the telly). So yesterday evening was organised around making sure we could sit down infront of the TV at 1820 to watch the new Doctor Who episode.

And it was good :) Nice to have moved away from the angst that seemed such a big part of the specials last year - as an indication of my feelings I was not a fan of the coda to the last episode, I just wanted him to hurry up and die already, damnit. The stuff that could have been all woe-is-me seemed more played for surface laughs like "12 years and four psychiatrists!" "Four psychiatrists??" even tho one could see it hadn't exactly made her life easy having this "imaginary" friend who didn't come back till way later than the 5 minutes he promised. I liked the new Doctor, tho I guess as he's still figuring himself out we don't see the real uniqueness of him as a Doctor till next week at least. I liked Amy, too - both as the little kid who wasn't scared of anything (except the crack in her wall) and as the adult who took no nonsense off the Doctor (and I love her eyebrows, they're very expressive). Prisoner Zero was dead creepy, the room she'd never noticed, the monster she couldn't see except out of the corner of her eye, the man barking instead of the dog. And I liked the Doctor calling the aliens back to tell them off. The wedding "tomorrow" is presumably going to end up a plot point, hopefully not too soapy, given how much prominence it was given at the end. And I guess the cracks in the universe and the silence falling are this season's Thing, interesting that Prisoner Zero thought the Doctor should know why there were cracks. Something he's done (or will do, given we have time travel as a theme already, and a lot of Moffat written episodes have time travel as a theme) coming back to bite him (and the universe) in the arse?
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