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Long Weekend

After Friday's rather subdued start to the bank holiday weekend I did manage a bit more activity and life for the next couple of days ;) Out into town on Saturday, which was hell on earth. But my own fault - I'd decided not to go on Thursday, so that I could get a FFXIII fix before we went out for dinner (as I knew I wouldn't play all weekend while J was home). Then obviously I didn't leave the house on Friday as I was barely capable of shuffling about the house. And I had to get some stuff for food otherwise we wouldn't be able to have the planned meals, so town on Saturday it was. This also let me get my brother's birthday pressie - thankfully inspiration struck during the walk into town and I think I got him a present he will like (hope so, it's too late now!). So that can go off in the post sometime soon, tomorrow, likely when I do more food shopping.

I have been able to get some PS3 time in, just not FFXIII - we played a bit of a proper game of Rockband 2 for the first time since we got the newest PS3, so had to set up my character in J's save game again (really annoying the way you can't carry saves over from different PS3s, I don't like that they made that decision to copy protect it). Mostly we did a "make a setlist" gig a couple of times to do our newest additions - a couple of Hendrix tracks. We cherry picked the tracks rather than go for the whole album they've just released, coz some of them looked way too hard - good tracks, just unapproachable in the context of a game on expert. The ones we got stretched us but not quite past breaking point ;)

And did some more Lego Rockband yesterday, too - mopping up gigs we hadn't done in our main game. Mostly lucky dip ones, which can be "interesting" now we've got all our DLC in the game ;) Started us off on one gig with "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, which is exciting on drums and has a fake out ending that catches us out every time ... ;) And some make a setlist ones, where we also picked out a couple of tracks where we can't get past the intro with the fail mechanic of RB2, but can with L:RB.

And there's been zombie hunting! Tried out a new map last night "Moundsville Slammer", which I quite liked even if it was only 2 levels. But it was spoilt a bit by some really unoptimised bits in the last level - nasty nasty FPS drops, made it harder to play.
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