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Shoes and Gardens

Well, it probably still isn't quite sandals weather, but I did wear them all weekend (mostly inside - with the heating off during the day tho, so it wasn't quite cheating). When I popped out to the co-op it was a little nippy though, so I think I'll put socks & shoes on for my afternoon shopping trip today. My purple shoes, coz I got them mended (again) on Thursday. Hopefully by the next time they break (if they do) it'll sandal weather for real & I won't be wanting to wear real shoes. I'm still bitter about buying an expensive pair of shoes only to have them break more often than the cheap shoes I normally buy expecting to barely get a season out of. That's how I manage my desire to have new shoes all the time, buy cheap then they wear out so you get a guilt-free new pair of impractical everyday shoes. Impractical is part of the point given I no longer have to choose things I can wear for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, most of said time being spent standing up or walking somewhere. Instead I need to be able to walk into town and back (with shopping on the return trip) twice a week, which needs much less sensibleness. I need to start looking in the shops for a pair of silly sandals for the summer to go with the sensible flipflops that've survived since last year - the last couple of years wedge sandals have been fashionable so I've got things with ludicrously high heels that're still walkable in, hopefully be able to do the same trick this year :) And my seven quid flipflops from last year are still intact and look like they'll do me this summer as house/garden shoes as well as last summer! :)

I haven't just lazed about all weekend contemplating shoes (and playing computer games) - I did actually do some gardening! On a weekend! Mind you, it wasn't that much - I put the Weed & Feed on the lawn on Saturday evening, then spent a bit over half an hour watering it in on Sunday morning. The cat was Not Impressed by this, as the instructions on the tub suggest keeping pets off the lawn till it's watered in & dry again. And the only way to do that was to keep the beast inside, which he was not happy about. He spent quite a lot of the morning coming and sitting next to me and complaining. Of course, when he did get let out in the afternoon he spent not very much time out then came home and slept the whole rest of the time, it was just a grass-is-greener thing, not an actual desire to be out ;) So anyway, soon our lawn will be lush & green & growing (and full of black patches of dead moss), and I'll be able to see all the bits I missed when I was spreading the stuff ;)
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