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Doctor Who "Victory of the Daleks"

Reading around on LJ last night & this morning, and seeing comments from else-web too, it looks like I (and J) are totally out of step with the rest of the people who watched Doctor Who last night. I thought it was kinda fun - a lot of stuff that probably shouldn't be thought about too deeply (if at all) but kept me entertained at the time. And it seemed to do some important work in terms of the longer term storyline, too.

Fun bits included the spitfires in space - yes, yes, I know all the ways that was totally not realistic, but ... spitfires in space? Shooting laser bolts? How is that not awesome? Another Star Wars reference with that scene too. Also the Doctor threatening the Daleks with a jammy dodger and getting away with it, till the new Daleks came online. And wasn't the 5 colours of the new Daleks an iMac reference, I've not seen much mention of that? Made me giggle anyway - they're better coz they come in 5 different colours, which one will you choose? And I bet they have coloured accessories too! Gotta be better!

Things that didn't work really were it felt cluttered, talking to J this morning we were thinking you could list a whole bunch of elements of the story but it wasn't clear what was the main "point" of it. The bomb bit was also not well explained or done or something - I think I can see what it was doing thematically, but it didn't work on the surface level which is also a crucial element of any scene. (God, don't I sound pretentious, but I can't think of any other way to phrase it and say what I'm trying to say.)

In terms of the longer story arc we had quite a lot of juicy stuff here, I thought. The Doctor was late, again. I know he has form for this, but it's been a consistent "thing" so far in this season so I'm assuming it has greater significance for the story ;) Amy doesn't remember the Daleks dragging Earth off for their nefarious schemes, and unlike Donna with her "I was scuba diving" type reasons Amy doesn't even seem to know she's missed anything (Donna after all knew people were talking about weird things happening, she just didn't believe it). Theories I've seen around & about on the internet include strangeness with time around Amy & her home (the badge Rory was wearing in the first episode was dated as issued in 1990, but he's too young for that if the "present" time of that show was 2010ish as the tech would suggest, as another example of that - though of course that's reading the tealeaves, could be a production mistake etc); or a parallel universe & the cracks are to do with the "real" universe breaking through coz of the Doctor's presence there in the wrong one. The crack actually appeared at the end, didn't it? I can't remember for sure if we saw that wall before the very end. But are they (her? him? both?) scattering the cracks as they travel, causing their own problems?

So, not the best episode ever. But kept me entertained & kept the story going on. And it's brought back the Daleks so they don't have to keep going "you thought you'd destroyed us but no! one single one escaped!", hopefully anyway :)
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