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Booked a Holiday!!

We decided to go into town on Saturday partly coz J wanted to look at something in Waterstones, and I'd forgotten to buy a new USB stick on Thursday, and partly coz we wanted to finally get round to booking our holiday for this year. Didn't find the book in Waterstones, so he's still not sure what it was, but everything else was successful :) We're going on holiday to Kefalonia this year - not for sightseeing and intellectual interest, but for a beach holiday. We went there on honeymoon, and as this year's our 10th wedding anniversary we thought it would be nice to go back. So now we're all booked up for a week there in September, in a hotel that looks similar to the the one we were in last time (different name, and not quite the same so we're not sure if it's the same one, would be amusing if it was). Close to the beach, and in Skala itself, so close to food places (and drinks places) :)

We'd intended to have lunch in the Chinese all-you-can-eat place, but when we got into town we discovered there was some sort of international market thing, including lots of stalls selling weird & wonderful food. We had burgers for lunch itself - J had an ostrich one, I had a wild boar one, the other options were kangaroo and venison. And very tasty burgers they were too. Also bought some pork pies from another stall to take home (one plain, one with stuffing as the topping (instead of the top layer of pastry), one with cheese & onion relish as the topping). Then coffee and cake in Nero's after we'd done the shopping, and beer in the Dove after we'd booked the holiday :)

A good afternoon out :) And back in time for Doctor Who then dinner ... & in time for J to discover an exploitable crashing bug in the Snowplains mail system. Which must've been there for years, but once we knew about it and that it was actually quite easy to trigger he kinda felt he had to fix it there & then. Not quite how he'd planned to spend his evening!

Sunday was predictably full of games (FFXIII & L4D for me, Uncharted 2 for J) and food, and laziness, as a counterpoint to a more busy Saturday than usual. And then neither of us slept well last night, so there's a feeling of "Monday of the Living Dead" around these parts so far today ;)
Tags: food, games, holiday, snowplains
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