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20 April 2010 @ 10:11 am
Stuff & Curry  
A day of mostly frankly boring productivity yesterday - remembered I hadn't sorted out new house insurance one day before we would've paid the extortionate rate to renew the current one (win!), moved money around to cover the deposit for the holiday (not strictly necessary, but it feels more comfortable to pad the current account buffer back up now rather than next week), bought a birthday card for Jo (her pressie arrived the other day, all set with that), rang my folks (this wasn't boring and they're doing well, just back from holiday), grocery shopping, housework. Oh and checked the car MOT date, June 24th, no need to worry yet (it's 4 months before the old car's one was and this'll be the first time we've MOTed this car, so I hadn't got it memorised yet but had a twitchy feeling that it was sooner than I thought). And tried to programme the spare car key to work as a remote coz it currently doesn't, but we're actually wondering now if it even has a battery in it (the fact that neither of us has opened it up to check shows how much we're bothered, I suppose ;) ).

*deep breath* ;)

Had leftover curry for dinner which was still good even after being frozen & re-heated, good to know. I'd made a new recipe on Friday - a roghan josh one from one of the Madhur Jaffrey books I have. A bit complicated and took about two & a half hours to make (last hour was fairly hands off as it simmered though). I'd had to make enough for 4 coz of the size of my blender - it would've been too big to blend the quantity of stuff for 2. Stuff being, in this case, garlic, ginger, roasted ground cumin, roasted ground coriander, roasted dessicated coconut, roasted flaked almonds, cardamom pods, peppercorns, cloves, dried chilli (the last 4 all had been fried for a bit flavouring the oil as I browned the beef), ground nutmeg & ground turmeric, oh and some water. (That was the main part of the sauce, there were also onions (finely chopped, not blended with the spices for a change), some yoghurt and some tomatoes. And quite a lot of water. And beef.) Very tasty - still not as a good as the chicken with tomatoes & butter from the same recipe book, but almost! :)
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