Margaret (pling) wrote,

Doctor Who "Time of Angels"

As we were first out then eating on Saturday evening we didn't get to watch this episode when it aired, instead we used it as decompression time after Sunday's drive home and watched it while eating our dinner. Incidentally I don't think BBC HD had the next-on trailer at the end of it that everyone complained about, or if it did I didn't notice & I normally do notice such things. Thoughts follow but of course it's now a few days since I saw it, so my thoughts will probably be more rambling & incoherent than usual ;)

Still liking Doctor Who :) Loved the start with River doing her James Bond act (can't belive I've seen complaints online about her being dressed up, it just added to the Bond feeling of it), and nice time travel thing again - the Doctor finding her message in a museum aeons after she sent it and picking her up at the right time. Glad he wasn't late then, would've been inconvenient ;) River herself gets more interesting - what doesn't she want the Doctor to know from her past? Clearly it's not all sunshine & roses between them. Is it all a con, infact? Where'd she learn to fly the Tardis, or learn Gallifreyan? I wonder if we'll find out, the whole meeting-out-of-order thing means she can be a mystery for a long long time. Which might possibly be more fun than finding out, I'm not sure.

Still like the Weeping Angels as monsters, too - the one coming out of the recording was well done, the audience starts to realise as Amy does, and her solution to it was clever. And the sudden realisation of the one-headed statues was good, nice way to lull us & them into a false sense of security. And I know he's done the dead-person-still-talking thing before in the last River Song two-parter, but this is subtly different (it's the Angel talking using the lad's voice/personality not the remanents of the lad himself talking) and still dead creepy "I didn't escape" *brrr* And that they're using it to "make the Doctor angry" as River says is interesting - my guess is that whatever he does to get them all out of that cliff-hanger trap will be in the Angel's interests.

Oh, and what was that injection that River gave Amy? It seemed to be making a big deal out of something Doctor Who tends to handwave past unless plot significant (hostile environments & survival of the companion therein). So is it something more? I wondered at first if it had something to do with her turning to stone but then that was just the Angel messing with her head (and I loved the "you bit me!" "you're alive!" exchange, btw, specially after the portentous set up). Or maybe it's just a giant red herring. Guess we find out on Saturday! :)
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