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BusyBusyBusy ... Zombies!

Where'd the week go? I've sort of stumbled along catching up with things that didn't get done while we were away and suddenly it's Friday again and it doesn't feel like it's been long enough since we came home for that to've happened! I have done various extra bits & pieces over the normal chores, like weeded/de-littered the front garden - which really needed doing, so much crap blows in off the street it's untrue :/ But I've not even started on the main extra stuff I'd meant to get some headway with this week - tidying up the house. When I'm feeling defensive about the housework I normally say "well, the house is clean even if it's not entirely tidy" and it is clean, just right now it's not just not tidy it's a mess :/ And now we've got guests at the end of May (and possibly some mid-month too) I'm feeling a bit twitchy about that ;)

Of course it's not like I've been busy with virtuous chores the whole time or anything boring like that - computer games have eaten a lot of my week, along with some TV viewing (and writing about said TV) and sorting out the photos from the weekend which always takes longer than I expect. I'm still pressing on with FFXIII, still enjoying it :) More than 60 hours playtime now I think ... and I've done about 50% of the 'optional' missions and I'm still midway through chapter 11. And obviously I'm still playing left 4 dead - got to the finale of Fallen, the map we'd been playing for a week or so (long and quite tough in places), having started halfway through on Sunday ... and the finale sucked. Gimmicky piece of rubbish. Which was a great shame coz the rest of the map had been rather good, and now we're unlikely to replay it coz we know what's waiting at the end. Dnky found us another map (Fallen had been recommended to me so it was "my fault" we'd played a crappy map, so I made someone else find a map so the buck can stop somewhere else next time ;) ), which is looking good - maybe bit wide open sometimes, but nice for a bit of variety as there seem to be more claustrophobic maps than wide open spaces. Tho I haven't seen the finale yet (we nearly got there last night and then I had to stop as it was bedtime, so alt & dnky will've played it but I didn't get a chance :/). Hopefully tonight! Unless the ending sucked again, in which case I guess we'll try something else ;)
Tags: computer, ffxiii, games, house, l4d, ps3
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