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Doctor Who "Flesh and Stone"

Managed to work out the timings on cooking dinner (chicken in tomato sauce with butter - my favourite of the curries in the second Madhur Jaffrey cookery book I have) so that we could both have dinner at a reasonable hour and watch Doctor Who live without me having to jump up and stir stuff every 5 minutes :)

I liked the cliff-hanger resolution - using the ship's gravity to get them out of the way of the Angels! I liked the whole episode, actually :) Although (as I've seen said elsewhere online) the Angels themselves weren't as menacing in bulk as they were when there were just a few of them as in Blink, but they were only really half the point of the episode. The other half of the point was the crack and the Doctor finally noticing the crack is always where they are (following? everywhere? we still don't know). And putting together stuff about it re-writing time with Amy's non-memory of the Daleks (and also the non-memory of the world in general about the Cyberman in Victorian London? tho doesn't that fit more with normal Doctor Who world amnesia? Nice call-out to The Next Doctor tho).

Amy having to keep her eyes shut or the Angel would get out was a nice reversal on "don't blink", and dead creepy too. Walking through a forest populated with dangerous creatures that would attack if they realised you couldn't see them would be absolutely terrifying. The soldiers one by one heading off into the crack and vanishing to have never been was also creepy. Is Amy remembering really coz she's a timetraveller & so outside looking in? Or was that one of the Doctor's lies to her? J thought the Doctor was just making that up to keep her quiet (and thus it being season-story relevant), I was more on the side of it being the truth.

So the date of the explosion causing the cracks is the date of the season finale? Nice touch. And we seem to be being set up for Amy and/or her wedding being the cause? or effect? or something significant, anyway.

Trust looked like a theme of the episode, with Amy having to trust the Doctor even tho he lies sometimes (coz if he always told the truth why would she need to trust ...). And River trusting the Doctor (despite his being a madman ...). And can the Doctor trust River at the end (where's the fun in that ...)? She told the Doctor something there, I think - after all the talk about spoilers and avoiding them, she tells the Doctor stuff about next time he (and Amy) sees her, and stuff about the Pandorica whatever that might be (cracks, letting things out, Pandora's Box, hope? who knows). And that's when he asks if he can trust her - my guess is trust that information. And we're being set up to believe she kills him to get in jail, I've seen speculation that maybe that will be the eventual end-of-Doctor-11, but maybe it's just a giant red herring? But that's a digression - I reckon she told him all those spoilers so that he has the info to work out how to save the day in advance, or how to make it come out differently. Actually, I've just thought maybe my digression wasn't a digression? What if she kills him as part of that next meeting, but if he figures it out in advance then there may be a way to avoid that?

And engagement/marriage was a bit of a theme (in with trust ...) - not just the are-they-aren't-they with the Doctor/River but also with Octavian (good death scene, I thought, btw) pretending he & River were engaged (sort of) and the Doctor being all "how can you be sort of engaged". Nice mirroring later where one of the things the poor flailing around Doctor says as he's trying to fend off the suddenly predatory Amy was "but you're getting married in the morning". I was also wondering if there was more plot significance to that than it looks on the surface - mirroring the Angel in her head making her do stuff, but this time when the Doctor is looking like he's getting close to the crack-creation-thing then something nudges Amy into distraction tactics? But it could just be that she's been busy being obsessed with the Doctor for years and is seizing the opportunity to have a "last moment of single-womanhood" with him before she gets married.

Next week's looks good, too. Can't say more, coz J ain't seen the trailer, and wants to remain unspoiled.
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