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Doctor Who "The Vampires of Venice"

I try & put some spoiler space type waffle in this space because I'm pretty sure the lj-cut gets ignored when it's posted through to facebook and I'm struggling this week. How about I mention that my last entry was my 1,000th LJ entry? Which seems both a lot, and not that much for 9 years :)

That should be enough space, so onward to last night's Doctor Who! "Fish from space have never been so ... buxom" :) I liked that the vampires were actually alien fish in disguise, turning the girls of Venice into fishy brides for the 10,000 male space fish in the canals. I think this week's film reference was 300, "We are Veneeeeeeeeeeeetians!", which I possibly wouldn't've spotted if it hadn't been in my mind from watching the Bettany Hughes programme about Sparta earlier in the week ;) And I saw a comment elseweb which pointed out it was inadvertently topical, with the alliance discussion between the fish-queen & the Doctor being a comment on our current political situation ;)

The Rory stuff started off way too cringemaking for my tastes, but that thankfully didn't last long enough to be annoying. I liked that he'd been reading up on physics and stuff since he knew the Doctor was real & aliens were real, and so dealt with the bigger-on-the-inside thing just fine. Disappointing the Doctor somewhat - who seems to definitely have the urge to compete with Rory, even if he doesn't want the prize ;) Liked the "yours is bigger" exchange. Also liked the rationale for bringing Rory along - that if one of you has been out and seen time & space and the other hasn't, then it tears you apart (cf Rose & Mickey, I guess). I'm less than convinced about what Amy sees in Rory (Rory clearly loves her to bits, tho), but J thinks it's perfectly understandable that Rory's Amy's Doctor substitute (and I know why J thinks that and I agree with all the evidence he points at, I just don't quite buy it). But I did like that by the end of the episode she wants him along, and it's her that invites him, so she's getting past the awkwardness of having her crush & her fiance in the same place at the same time ;)

Next week looks intriguing, but shan't say more about that as J's not seen the trailer. This week's end with "the silence" in Venice was also intriguing - were all the living things gone like the soldiers walking into the crack in the previous episode? Tho wouldn't more stuff go in that case, being the work of hands that now had never been? Hard to tell from just that little teaser.
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