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Films, Films & More Films! (But I Didn't Really Watch Them)

J's managed to watch all the films I gave him for his birthday over the last few days, so I've sort of half watched Avatar and all three Bourne films over his shoulder. Avatar = still a good film. I still kinda wish it was the story I thought the opening was promising me though (milSF with the mercs not the bad guys in the story, obviously it would've had a very different plot as well as being a different story). But that's very likely just my idiosyncratic reaction ;) And I do like the story we got, and I love how real the alien world feels & looks. I suspect we'll end up buying it again sometime, too - when it comes out with with extras on the bluray too, not just the film.

The Bourne films looked kinda neat, too, tho in a very very different sort of way. From the bits I watched they seemed to have a theme of "we can seeee you!" ;) But (and maybe this is coz I wasn't really watching) I also had the same feeling I had from the books after a while - there's only so many times you can tell the story before it gets repetitive & from there it's only a short step to boring. Interesting to see how very different from the books the plots of the films are - I mean I can't quite remember the book plots (read them a couple of years ago from the library, I think), but certainly the start (or before the start, I wasn't paying attention) of film 2 kills off someone who's alive & well all through the books if I'm remembering it right. So it's not just updating them from the era that they were written in, it's that the films take the same character and starting point and go somewhere else with it.

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