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Well, that was odd. I was walking through one of the little shopping centres in town yesterday and this lad (probably in his early teens) ran up behind me and rubbed his hands in my hair and said "awwwwwwwwww". And ran off. That was ... weird. And I don't think I can remember anything like that happening before - I mean I know I have noticeable hair, I get comments on my hair every once in a while, random strangers will occasionally stop me in the street to say they like my hair, friends & acquaintances sometimes try to play with my hair. But I don't think I've ever had a random stranger come & touch my hair before. I was too nonplussed to do anything but stare at him (a bit like he was an insect) and go into the shop I was going into anyway. Checked my hair & there wasn't anything on/in it. Once I came out of the shopping centre I spotted him in the direction I was intending to go, so I chickened out and went the long way round to Sainsburys. Very bizarre. And a bit disconcerting.

In more pleasant news - yesterday was the day booking for next year's Marillion Weekend opened, so I got us signed up for that :) Slightly different group than the last two - Ellen can't make it (it's a bit more of a time/money investment from the states after all) so it's me, J, Paul, Ady this time. Should be fun \o/ Of course it's far too early to get all over-excited about it, it doesn't happen till March next year ;)
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