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More FFXIII yesterday afternoon - moving on with the story again now, as I ran into a couple of missions again where I needed probably another couple of thousand HP per character to survive, so I think I'll come back to them later on :) Done 71% of the missions though, not bad. And now it's back to linearity and cut-scenes, which is a pleasant change of pace again.

Not much of that tho, coz I also got off my backside and tidied up the dining room table - part 1 in making the house fit for guests. We never eat at that table when it's just the two of us (there's a "breakfast bar" bit in the kitchen) so it tends to turn into the place to put Stuff when it has no other home. In the process gathered up all the political literature we got for forwarding on to bopeepsheep's friend for some collection/archive in the Bodley. Now all I have to do is find an envelope and post the damn stuff. I thought I had some A4 envelopes, but I think they're padded ones which seems a bit pointless for paper and a waste of a padded envelope too.

And gave the garden a proper water/look over for the first time for a few days - it's been raining a bit and cold & grey, so no need to water every day. Damn cold out there, particularly with slightly damp hands :/ Annoyingly, half the clematis has died :( It splits into two branches right down near the roots & I think on close inspection one of those looks damaged. Probably a cat landed on it :/ Unfortunately that means this year it might look a bit limp - it flowers on the old growth, so there are a lot of dead flowerbuds at the moment. But normally it grows vigorously so hopefully over the summer it'll catch up with itself a bit.
Tags: ffxiii, games, garden, house, politcs, ps3

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