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Miscellany with Cat

Carried on with tidying up the living room yesterday, finally tackled the pile of paperwork between my computer and the window - the thing that had been putting me off was that most of it is to-be-shredded, and the shredder is small, and needs several short pauses to avoid it overheating. So doing the shredding itself would take ages, instead I just sorted stuff out - file/bin/recycle/shred - and only the bin/recycle piles got fully dealt with. Had a sudden brainwave that I could put a box down by the shredder to put stuff in while it waits, to keep it neat & tidy, but the box that would've been perfect I binned a couple of weeks ago damnit. Even thinking while I did it that keeping it was daft it'd only take up space & not get used. Ah well. Thinking about it now, there might be something in the boxroom that'd do (no, not a room of boxes, well, yes, but full ones - it's the third bedroom which we really use as a big cupboard). I shall have to investigate :) For now it's just in a carrier bag, which at lest keeps it out of the way and looks a lot better than the pile of paper.

Mmm, I think hayfever season might've just kicked in - late, but so's everything else plant related this year. Hope I'm right that I have some antihistamine upstairs.

This post is being written to the accompaniment of the cat yowling. We're still keeping him inside, have been since Friday and he's going stir-crazy I think. I'd be inclined to let him out now, but J's adamant we should keep him in to keep an eye on him, so we are. His eye is looking quite a bit better, but he's still keeping it closed a fair bit - it's fine when he's got something to look at, but if he's just sitting about he shuts it quite a lot. I suspect we're back to the vets on Friday - they said put the ointment in for a week then come back if he's not totally better, and he's running out of days to miraculously recover ;) That'll go down well with the beast ... not. He was the sulkiest I think we've ever seen him last Friday, and after a week of being cooped up in the house I can only imagine he'll be worse if we take him back this week.

Got some reading time yesterday too both after the tidying and later while I was waiting for dnky to stop being busy and come hunt zombies - read a couple of chapters of the Egypt book I've been struggling my way through for months, then rewarded myself by starting on the book for this month of calico_reaction's book club ("Natural History" by Justina Robson) which is going swiftly, and a nice change to be back to reading fiction rather than having the Egypt book loom at me ;)

The cat has shut up again now, and is back to sitting grumpily next to me so he can come and look pathetically at his catflap whenever I next go to the kitchen ...
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