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./~ Friday I'm in love ./~

Well, everyday really, but I'll stop being slushy now :)

It's Friday and I don't have to go to work for a couple of days, this is a good thing :)

Today was a blah day, to be honest. The only experiment I did was over by 10am, but it was a success :) So I've done half of a little mini-project now, just gonna do the rest next week and the week after. (It'll only take a couple of days, but I'm off for 2 days next week as we're seeing Marillion on Tuesday night.)

After that I talked to Nik for a while about the cells we can't kill. We want to transfect this GAG-free CHO cell line, but before we do that we have to find out what concentration of the selection agent kills the cells. (So that when we put in the resistance gene as part of the transfection we'll know that we've killed all the untransfected cells.) One of the cell lines we have has died as expected, at a reasonable concentration of G418 (1000ug/ml), but the other one lived even at 1500ug/ml, and we're repeating it with concentrations up to 3000ug/ml, but they still don't look like they're dying :( We're beginning to think that the people (collaborators in another lab) may have got two sets of cells mixed up and have sent us a transfected cell line :/

I also fixed a bit of equipment - a large scale (2l) concentrator that needed a new valve/pressure guage. I'd ordered the part (and got it cheap by sounding really doubtful about if we'd bother to repair it when she said it'd cost £200). And then I'd looked at it and thought it was gonna be complicated, but it wasn't, which was really cool :) Except that that meant I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day ;)

So I buggered off early and came home at 4pm. Which was nice :)

And Nirikina and Thrawn wanna come and meet me and J tomorrow, which should be fun :) (They're coming to Ipswich to see Sagima, and want to pop in on us too, or maybe go to a pub with us, as we're just down the road from Sagima.)
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