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Doctor Who "The Hungry Earth"

Taking a little while to get my head back into Doctor Who space, coz I started the morning with a flap as the chicken I'd bought to roast for lunch neither smelt nor looked nice. So had to make an emergency dash to the co-op for a more pleasant one. But all is well now, lunch is just running late & I'm a tad hungry ;)

Which ... er ... was an unintentional segue into talking about the latest Doctor Who episode "The Hungry Earth" ;) Ok, still enjoyed it, but felt like one of the weaker episodes so far this season - particularly with regard to Amy who was in full-on whiny-brat mode then not even there for half the episode. The writer was Chris Chibnall - showrunner for Torchwood seasons 1 & 2, which (despite the fact that I watched all of Torchwood) doesn't make me particularly a fan of his. I didn't really buy into whatever the drillers were doing ... or really quite follow it. Science? Mining? Who was paying for it anyway? And as J was saying afterwards - if the church door was the much of a bloody nuisance why did they keep shutting it all the way shut. It was a bit too obviously a Plot Device so we can have trauma over the wee boy (who was pretty cool, actually). And on the theme of Plot Devices - you have a bizarre steaming hole in the floor that wasn't there before the whole building shook, you're on your own, do you really put your hand in? How about a stick??

However - plus points. I hadn't realised it was a 2-parter going in and didn't realise till our PVR kicked in recording the Confidential over on BBC3 that we'd had pretty much all of our 45 minutes. So I was definitely engrossed and not watching the clock. And Amy did at least get swallowed up by the earth coz she was trying to rescue the old dude, which makes up for a bit of the whiny bratness.

I liked the Silurian woman - the not-quite-human body language all the time - not that I remember what Old Who Silurians looked like, so I can't comment on how well they match. (Not much, if my casual skim through the interwebs thoughts on DW has picked up the right impression.) I also liked how we went from claiming to be "last of my species" (as an interrogation defence) via "oh just one tribe" up to the realisation of there being a whole civilisation there, that our nutty-scientists-of-the-week had drilled into the upper reaches of. And I liked the Doctor's reaction to her attempt at "last of my species" - he knows what that's like, and it felt believable.

Liked the female scientist (or whatever) whose name I forget, the only name I remember is Ambrose is the mother. I liked how she thought and how she wanted to go with the Doctor to see what was down there after spending her life drilling into it without seeing it. The little boy was cool, too, but I'm less taken with his mother or her father the miner (or scientist? who knows).

And I want to know what happens next - always a good sign for a story ;) I've seen mentioned in a couple of places online that Silurian stories have a tendency to end in tragedy for the Silurians which is traumatic for the Doctor (after all, he does seem quite fond of them as a race, they just keep trying to commit genocide against us johnny-come-lately apes which isn't on). And I'm not sure what else they can do but destroy the Silurians. We'll have to wait & see!
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