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I've now succeeded in doing the last of the things that had to happen before we could have guests - just as well, given Jo & Chris are turning up on Saturday ;) But now the spare room is actually in a state where people can sleep in the bed - and has clean bedlinen on it. It was, theoretically, clean before too. But I lifted up the duvet to double check that it didn't look slept in, and discovered that the cat had been in it at some point and left muddy footprints all over the sheets ... he's not even supposed to be able to get in the room!

And the downstairs loo is accessible again - when we'd had the washing machine delivered I'd moved all the stuff that normally sits under the boiler into the loo so that we could put the tumbledryer under the boiler (as it normally lives on top of the washing machine). And I'd never actually moved the box of plastic bags out to their normal home ... it felt like there was so much more space without them there. But with more people in the house for the weekend it seemed like a good idea to have more than one loo, too. I actually reorganised the bags, binned about 75% of them - the problem with biodegradable bags is that if you keep them to re-use then eventually you end up with little bits of plastic everywhere and a bunch of unusable bags ...

And today I should probably do some gardening I've been putting off for days, there're plants that're just about tall enough to stake up and definitely tall enough to fall over a bit. So that needs sorting out, and I really need to get round to weeding the bed with no tree (and hardly any plants but weeds).
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