Margaret (pling) wrote,

"Stars Over Stars" by K D Wentworth

This is a sequel to "Black on Black", and continues the same story as that book. Basically the scenario is that the human race is expanding out into the galaxy colonising as they go. They are currently at war with an alien species, the Flek, that is also expanding and aggressively altering planets to suit their biology. From the descriptions I visualise these aliens as being very insectoid, and they have different castes of individual much like social insects. The humans are allied to another alien species, the Hrinn, but this alliance is young and so the details of the relationship still need to evolve. I visualise these aliens as looking very bearlike. They have a violent society where relationships between males are decided by challenge and physical combat, the strongest male leads.

The main character in the story is a hrinnti that was brought up by a human after accidentally being brought to earth. This provides a bridge between the alien view point of the hrinn and the human point of view. The story follows the attempts to set up a squad composed of both hrinn and humans, and the inevitable difficulties caused by the different cultures.

I quite liked this, I tend to like books which show the point of view of aliens. But it wasn't a 'wow, I wanna read more of this' type book, I'll probably read more by this author if I come across it in the library, but I'll not search it out.

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