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Somehow I've felt busy and rushed almost the entire week and still don't feel like I've accomplished anything. That is, of course, not true on either count. I've definitely done the chores that needed to be done (even if I haven't weeded everything (anything :/ ) or tidied everything), I bought & posted the present that needed to get there by today (and hopefully it did!), I'm even ahead of myself and have bought a card for next week too (and done the money transfer for the pressie). And I've had time in the evenings to play l4d & do other stuff like watch the telly. So it just feels like a rush.

We've been revisiting Night Terror on l4d - finally got round to picking up the newer version of the map (only 6 months old or thereabouts ...), I don't think we've yet done the whole thing from start to finish & escaped. Partly coz it takes a long time and I keep having to stop coz it's bedtime before we get to the end. Tho the other Friday me & alt got all the way to the finale with a couple of random pub players, but gave up around 2am as we were well into the land of diminishing returns (Friday is beer night, after all) ;) Mighta done it if we'd had 3 of us (plus randoms for the 4th slot) but dnky was on hols so we were short. I like the early levels tho, so don't mind playing it over & over ... even if last night we just failed on the second level (too busy pissing about I think, not taking it seriously enough ;) ).

Ooh, and I've just seen that I Hate Mountains is being released this evening. And J's parents are showing up this afternoon, damnit. Not that it won't be nice to see them, but the timing has turned out rather sucky ;) I'll have to see if I can get a chance to grab the map & put it on the server for the others anyway and they can taunt me with whether it's any good or not ;)
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