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Gardening & a Trip to the Seaside :)

John and Anne had said they'd get here about mid to late afternoon, so we were slightly surprised when they rang at about half-twelve saying they'd be half an hour ... but only slightly surprised, as they always arrive early ;) Thankfully we'd got everything done, and even almost finished our lunch by the time they arrived, so we were able to exude an air of calm hospitality when they turned up :)

They brought a carload of plants with them, so we pretty much got straight on with the gardening. The plan was to rip out the last bed of bushes left by the previous occupiers of the house (oh, only 8 years ago ...) and replace it with plants that would flower & look nice rather than just sullenly occupy the space. We kept the yellow/green variegated thing at the left, the sage in the middle, and a conifer at the end which covers up the gap at the side of the shed. And had bags & bags of plant bits to take to the tip on Saturday morning. It's now replaced with a dozen or so geraniums, some delphiniums (which I don't expect to survive, unfortunately, I think the snails will strip them bare soon :/) and a whole clutch of annuals to brighten it up this year. And there were even enough plants spare for the bed around the tree stump :)

I was faintly astonished at how "little" time that took - I'd not expected them to finish on the first day (I say "them" as I did very little of it), let alone finish by dinner time! Dinner was roast chicken, and my excuse for not helping much with the gardening, as clearly I had lots to do to get food ready ;) We spent the evening just chilling out and showing them some of J's egypt books, and looking at photos from our Egypt trip. We'd already shown them our pictures when we were up at xmas, but we showed them some again ;)

So having done all the work-type stuff on Friday we then had a spare day, which was rather nice. J's parents normally drive down on the Saturday morning, then back on the Sunday barely being here for 24 hours, but this time J had persuaded them that as Anne is retired now they could actually stay for a couple of days. So we actually got to do things that weren't gardening!

After the necessary trip to the tip, we headed off to Aldeburgh to have fish & chips by the sea. Anne really loves the seaside, so was very pleased by this. The weather was gorgeous, both J & I got a bit sunburnt (him more than me, as is always the way and I've faded to brown now whilst he's still a touch pink). We wandered along the seafront for a bit then off to queue for food - John hates queueing for things, so J shooed him (and me \o/) off to the next door pub to have a drink while J & his Mam did the actual queueing. I only realised later that that meant that my breakfast was a half of Nethergate Priory Mild ... that's crossing a line, somehow, beer for breakfast ;)

After our fantastic fish & chips, we had ice-creams then drove back to Ipswich a slightly scenic route (ie, we missed a turn, but it took us past a village duck pond, so it was all good ;) ) and parked up near the docks coz we hadn't shown John & Anne around down there before. And stopped in at the Isaac Lord for a drink or two by the water :)

Dinner was out at the Maybush Inn - we often take John & Anne there, they do a good steak & you get a nice view of the River Deben & the boats on it. (There seems to be a boat/water theme going on, which I'd not consciously thought of before! :) ). Back home again we sat & watched bits of the U2 360 concert DVD (well, Bluray) that had arrived in the post that morning, and Anne decided she wants to get No Line on the Horizon, after having heard Moment of Surrender.

The plan for this morning was that they'd head off before 10, so that they'd have plenty of time to pick up the dog from the kennels when they got back ... but unfortunately a nail in a tyre on their car put a slight spanner in the works. Still, a quick trip to Kwik-fit later it was fixed and they were still gone before 11, so hopefully they'll be in time (we won't find out for another few hours till they ring to let us know they're home).

A good weekend. And as always when John & Anne are here a productive one, we now have a garden that looks bigger than it did, and should have more flowers once everything grows a bit :)

(A few pics up at flickr.)
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