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Petrie Museum & PRR Gig

We were off to London yesterday evening for a Pure Reason Revolution concert, so decided to head in earlier for a museum trip in the afternoon, to make a bit of a day of it :) I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to hear that the stuff we were looking at was Egyptian ;) But instead of going to the British Museum again (as we'll be there in about 10 days for the Member's Open Evening) we went to the Petrie Museum which is tucked away in UCL. It's not really a touristy museum - pretty small space and the labelling & displays are fairly old-fashioned. And it's a place where people are working, while we were there there were some people moving stelae out of a case to photograph them (I think), and another couple of women discussing something to do with the organisation of them.

So if you weren't already fairly clued up on what you were looking at then I'm not sure how many of the displays would feel like anything other than a collection of stuff in a case. There were some that were more explained, though. There was an anthropoid coffin at one end which had a label explaining all the text on it, there was also a case showing inlays recovered from various places in Amarna with labelling explaining how more modern archaeological recording of finds (1931 being the "modern" example, 1891 the older one) helps with understanding the site. And some clothing (some linen dresses and a bead dress) which was also extensively labelled (including, I think, one of the oldest pieces of clothing on display anywhere).

But if you are a bit more clued up (and indeed, we are) then there were a lot of other fascinating things to see - most of which were just labelled with a piece of card stating provenance (when known), date, collection number, publication reference (when published) & a very brief description (something like "Limestone stelae of <someone>"). There were a whole set of stelae of various people from various times - a lot of Middle Kingdom ones with offering formulae on them (which I can recognise the start of in hieroglyphs & even quote the beginning of the translation of: "An offering which the King gives to <god>..."). So we spent a little while looking at them and picking out who the gods in question were (mostly Osiris as standard, but some Anubis ones). There was also part of an Amarna era inscription - instantly recognisable from the art style - depicting Akhenaten & Nefertiti & Meritaten. Lots of early stuff - including some fragments of beautiful calcite objects with hieroglyphs carved & filled in with blue.

We're going to have to visit again sometime, I think - this time we looked around at everything for a bit, but it would reward spending more time on a few cases instead.

In the end we did visit the British Museum, but only briefly to have a coffee & a quick look at the bookshop, before heading off to Old Street tube station to meet up with A & P for dinner before going to the concert with them. Having got there a bit later than intended (yay, tube trains in rush hour :/ ) we decided not to wander around much, instead we'd just head straight for the Wagamamas that we knew was somewhere near and eat there. Which was very tasty - I had some sort of chicken salad but J made the best choice, shame I can't remember what it was that he had, it was one of the specials tho.

And then off for the actual point of the London trip ;) PRR were playing in Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen which is a small venue I'd not heard of before, and the concert venue is effectively a room in a pub (except it's a bit bigger than that implies, and being central London is desperately trendy). First support act were Islington Boys Club, who I felt were a triumph of style over substance, and when your style appears to be "rent boy as fashion statement" then that's really not a compliment ... Nedry were the second support, and were a lot better. I suspect they'll pass me by a bit on record (and infact did this morning while J was listening to the CD of theirs he bought after the gig), but I enjoyed seeing them live :)

PRR rocked :) I liked the new songs they played - in particular "Fight Fire with Fire" (no, not just coz of the name, it reminded me a bit of "Deus Ex Machina" in the solidity of its feel but J said he didn't really hear it that way himself, so make of that what you will :) ). They also played older favourites - Deus Ex Machina being really awesome live as always, and the encore was "The Bright Ambassadors of Morning" which is another awesome live track. The sound mix was really good - some previous PRR gigs have suffered from being too loud or the vocals getting lost in the music, but this one was spot on.

They finished playing around half eleven, which was a combination of feeling too soon (they'd only played just over an hour) and perhaps a bit late was it was nearly midnight by the time we left the venue after having bought merch and there was a loooong trip home to come. Long trip made longer by a traffic jam on the M25 - we were near the front of a queue after an accident shut all three lanes, but whatever it was seemed to be moved to the side of the road fairly quickly & then we were back off again after maybe 20 minutes sitting there.

Got home a little after half two, absolutely shattered, fed the cat and collapsed into sleep. 9am (J's working from home so didn't have to get up before work started) came along far too soon.

(No photos, don't like taking the camera to gigs & the couple I took with my phone didn't come out)
Tags: egypt, gig, history, museums, music, prr, social, trip
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