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Doctor Who "The Lodger"

Discovered yesterday what it says on screen when the magic box is recording two things at once & you try & watch a channel that you can't access ... which meant we missed the England goal, but reading the news this morning we'd've missed it on ITV HD anyway ;) Feel a bit sorry for the goalie, he's gonna be crucified for that mistake :/ Anyway, onward to Doctor Who ...

Hmm, that was a low point in the season for me. I have an irrational and visceral dislike of that sort of romcom(?) storyline that was being used to showcase this week's guest star (who is apparently famous, and I have to say I did recognise him from the trailers for Gavin & Stacy which make me switch the TV off). Utterly cringe-making for me. J liked it though, so I think this is a case of me being weird, not an issue with the story itself. That said there were still things I liked - the people being lured upstairs was very creepy, especially as you start to work out there's something odd about time going on with that. The cat being the spy the Doctor recruited was cool, I'd assumed at first he meant a person, how peopleist of me ;) The reveal of no top floor was also well done - and I liked the implication that he's taught Amy some bits & pieces about controlling the Tardis or at least getting to the databanks etc.

Trailer for next week looked good (shan't discuss it though as J wants to remain spoiler free). Though I do hope we're not going for "Amy thinks the Doctor bought the engagement ring for her" or at least not for long ...
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