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No, You Can't Buy Ski Stuff in June ...

We had to go into town on Saturday - in search of ski stuff for J, as the stag do he's going to in a couple of weeks is at the snow dome place in Milton Keynes (well, the afternoon bit of the stag do is ...). And like me, J's never skied before, so has none of the clothing one needs. Unsurprisingly, it's not possible to get cheap ski stuff in June :/ I think he's going to try & borrow some, but I'm not sure quite what we'll do if he can't ... maybe you can hire stuff like you can hire the boots & skis at the place? He had a skiing lesson at the dry ski slope here, too - along with the other karate people who haven't skied before, which I gather went well. I could've gone to watch (or I suppose even join in, but skiing's never appealed to me) but decided to stay home instead :)

Despite the failure to buy the stuff we needed the trip into town was a nice convenient excuse for both coffee & cake at Neros and a pint at the Dove on the way home. So not a total waste of a trip out ;)

I've been playing a bit more Rockband 2 recently - the news of Rockband 3 coming out later this year (well, in the US it'll be later this year, who knows when it'll get to Europe) put me back in the mood to play it. I'd decided to do a depth-first strategy with this career (having lost 2 saves along the way with dead PS3s), so on Saturday I got the sound guy & then yesterday the worldwide promoter - I think that's opened up all the cities, and thus all the songs are there to try. I guess at some point I'll drop to hard to finish them off, there's some I just don't think I can do on expert - but still, I managed to flap my way through a couple of songs I'd've predicted not being able to do, so who knows :)

Oh, and I want one of the real guitars that works with RB3 that they're talking about :) Bet that's gonna be expensive ... and J was looking at midi enabled drum kits coz RB3 will apparently work with them ... I forsee some expensive toys in our future ;)
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