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Games, Games, Games, and we don't even own these ones (yet)!

Looks like this autumn is shaping up to be extremely expensive ;) J spent yesterday evening watching a live stream from Sony's presentation at E3, so we've added a few "want"s to the already existing ones! We already knew about Rock Band 3 - and although it's not been featured in the E3 presentation there's been a few interviews & such lately (and people starting to get hands on with it at E3). And it's looking awesome ... and awesomely expensive. Adding a keyboard to it is gonna make it easier when we have visitors, coz then we can have 4 people play and no-one has to sing, which is the normal sticking point ;) And the Pro mode stuff is probably the most interesting bit for me - it takes it closer to play the real instruments. For drums that seems pretty much to be the addition of cymbals (but the drums were closer to real in the first place), but for guitar it'll be a much bigger change. One of the new controllers is an actual guitar with tech in the neck to sense where you're putting your fingers (this is the one I most want, but there's no price announced yet so it may be hideously expensive) and the cheaper (still expensive) option has loads of buttons on the neck mimicking 6 strings and a full neck's worth of frets, and still has strings on the body to strum. And then in Pro mode it'll give you string+fret positions rather than just one of 5 buttons to press. Thankfully they're also saying it'll have difficulty levels within Pro mode, so it won't just drop you in & let you play ;)

And J just showed me a video of them demoing the real guitar controller, and yes I definitely do want one!

And it's not like we have an electric guitar yet, so it'd be two things for the price of one, plus a tuition thing, right?? ;)


So that's expense number 1. There's also Playstation Move coming along - the kinda Wii-esque motion control stuff. Which I'm ambivalent about ... except they demoed a game called Sorcery. Where you control a mage type character, with the Move controller as your wand ... and they showed him setting goblins on fire (toasty!) and whipping up some fire into a whirlwind of death (TOASTY!!) and how could you not love that? And as well as the fire doing stuff like drinking transform potions by shaking up the controller to mix it then pretending to pour it down your throat. So that's a whole bunch of kit we'll end up wanting for that - 2 controllers + Playstation eye, plus possibly the accessory controller(s). Oh, and the game :)

And there's also Civ V out this September, I need to pre-order that soon. I was looking this morning at a vid that shows some in game footage & it does look terribly shiny :D
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