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Doctor Who "The Pandorica Opens"

Spoiler space ramblings - I finally managed to 5 star every (disc) track in The Beatles: Rock Band on either Expert Guitar or Expert Bass \o/ I rock mightily :D Now to work on gold starring the lot ;) Not convinced that's possible, but you never know, maybe if I keep working at :)

Onward to Doctor Who where my last thought was "Now that's how to do a cliff-hanger" ;) Thoroughly enjoyed the episode, which was particularly good after having not been keen on the one before! The opening with the nods to previous episodes was cool - obviously contrived, but that's part of the fun. And very River Song, down to graffiting that cliff-face coz the Doctor wasn't answering his phone ... And possibly part of the point, too, I'm not sure if it was part of the ultimate Doctor-trap or not, but it would certainly fit in with the rest of it. Manipulating people the Doctor knows into building a scenario the Doctor can't resist. And a lot about perception again, the Doctor looking at things without seeing them - particularly obviously Rory, but also the bits of cyberman, the Autons too. And River messing with people's minds with the hallucinogenic lipstick. And Amy, seeing Rory but not knowing what she's seeing till too late.

Some nice bits of misdirection (tying into perception again, I guess) - I'd kinda started to twig that it was going to be the Doctor in the Pandorica but I hadn't twigged till just before the Doctor himself did that it was opening not because the prisoner was escaping, but because it was time to put the prisoner in. Which then makes one look back at the scene with the Doctor shouting at the spaceships & think of it differently - he thinks he's being big & fierce & scary, and they're just messing with his mind, keeping him in the Doctor-trap.

And what about Rory? At first even the Doctor is on board with the miracle theory - because he can't think of any other explanation even if he's never seen another miracle in 900 years. But if Rory's actually an Auton Roman, is that because it's built out of Amy's subconscious (which we know remembered Rory to some degree from both the Van Gogh episode & from her reactions in the ring conversation)? Or is there something else going on?

"Doesn't it bother you that your life doesn't make sense?" (or words to that effect) ... and he lied about why he took her travelling. Very interested to see where that's going.

And of course, that cliffhanger - the Doctor in a box, River in the exploding Tardis and Amy's been shot by AutoRory. How the hell do they get out of that? Possibly something that's been hinted at in this episode - something fairy tale perhaps, the good wizard always turns out to be the Doctor? And/Or something timetravelly. And time can be re-written, so some sort of reset (hopefully not a big one, but just enough to un-explode the Tardis). I think I trust Moffat to make it make sense after we see it :)

And I don't get to see it till Sunday! :( I think that's got to be the first order of business once J & I are both back home, coz otherwise we can't read much of the internet ;)
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