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Doctor Who "The Big Bang"

I should be putting photos up, but whilst I tagged all 335 of mine yesterday evening I didn't get round to choosing what to upload or getting A's off the USB stick I brought them home on, nor have I got P's pics yet ... and I know I want to put at least one of A's up (I got hold of a pointy instrument of death, briefly :D ). So, instead, I shall witter about Doctor Who (which we watched pretty much as soon as we were both through the door on Sunday, in case of spoilers).

I liked this last episode of Doctor Who a lot - I liked that time-travel was fundamental to it, and the way it all seemed to link back to things that have come up in the season as a whole. And in true fairy tale style, they're getting their happily ever after (and it's that they all get to have more adventures!). But that's jumping forwards to the end a bit too quickly. Loved the opening - particularly the way just before the credits it shows Amy coming out of the Pandorica not the Doctor. A real wtf, how'd that happen, moment. In fact I think most of the opening pre-credit bits have been pretty awesome this season (or cringe-making like the Doctor at Rory's stag do, but that's generally my problem not their problem, if you see what I mean).

As I was kinda expecting it was something time-travelly that got them out of the situation - later Doctor coming back & giving Rory the sonic screwdriver, meaning he could get the Doctor out (and put Amy in, which I totally didn't expect as the way to save her - but it did make sense, in a weird sort of way, I mean of course the prison doesn't want you to die & escape punishment, it was built by all the supervillans of the universe!). Rory sitting down to wait and protect the Pandorica was awesome, and I liked that Amy definitely appreciated it (and as an aside, poor girl has had to watch him die three times so far). I liked his response to the Doctor about how had he kept out of trouble ... "unsuccessfully" :) Incidentally, mirroring something the Doctor said to Amy, in the second episode I think, about not getting involved.

More of those bits of story-telling where you realise what's happening only just before the characters do, which I like - neat bits of misdirection. Like "if there aren't any stars, what about the sun??", which I'd totally not thought of till just that split second before it's spelt out. And "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", again just before Amy gets there (J worked it out quicker than me, but still only just in time before we were told). Perception again - you see what you expect, until you look/examine more closely.

And the bringing back of the Doctor didn't feel deus ex machina-y coz we'd had that before, it grew out of other things we'd already been shown - we knew that in the context of this world, this story, that Amy was special because of the crack pouring the universe through her dreams. And we know that the rule in that world is that if something can be remembered it can be brought back. She'd brought back Rory when she subconsciously remembered him, she'd brought back her parents (and that's perception again, she says she "lost her parents", it's such a common euphemism, just she was being more literal than we expected - they were just lost, gone). So of course the Doctor could be brought back after he implanted the proper suggestion in her dreaming subconscious. Well done internet people who successfully noticed jacket!Doctor in the Weeping Angels episode was a Doctor in a different part of his timeline, which I totally didn't spot.

I liked that Amy's backstory is both the same & different with parents again. She seemed a little more open - like she told Rory she loved him, which she didn't do before despite it being true. Which I like to read as her not being scarred by losing her parents randomly in her childhood - having your parents just vanish seems to me as likely to make you less likely to admit you love other people later, what if they vanish too? But she still had her imaginary friend (he just was more imaginary) and she'd still been sent to psychiatrists ... and much of the rest was probably about the same, so she's still Amy, just maybe a bit less brittle.

Loved the "Mr Pond" exchange. Yeah, Amy's wearing the trousers in that relationship, but Rory's happy with it so good for him (and her). And I'm pleased that they've got married and then carried on travelling with the Doctor - it's such an old-school Doctor Who meme that one way people leave the Tardis is by staying somewhere to marry someone that it's nice to see explicitly the message that marriage doesn't mean that the fun bit of life is over.

So next season looks fun :) As does the Christmas Special (the teaser references Egypt, of course it's cool ;) ). My pet theory right now is that next season we get to find out more about River - that effectively that bit with her at the end is the teaser trailer for next season's story arc. I like River, so of course I think that'd be neat, that's why it's my pet theory. And I think we have to get some pay-off to the mystery of her, as dragging it out for too long would just get repetitive & tedious.
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