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Another Visit Up North!

Another weekend away - up to the frozen north again (pleasantly not frozen in actuality) for Andrea's 21st birthday party. We'd decided to travel up on the day itself to avoid J having to take 2 days off work (no way we were driving home on Sunday ...). So Saturday started bright and early, particularly for me coz I decided the only way to fit everything in that I needed to do before we left was to get up an hour before J and water the garden. Still took longer than we'd hoped to get going, but there wasn't as much traffic as there sometimes is nor many roadworks, so we got to J's parents' place in good time :) And even had time to look at J's Dad's gardens before we had our dinner.

And then off out to the point of the visit - I don't think I've ever seen that many people in the club, not even on Show Day. And I've just about got to the point where I recognise most of the people we see there (even if I don't know half their names) but there were loads of people I'd never seen before either. Andrea's mother had done food, so despite the dinner we'd had before we came out we still managed to eat some of that. And there was some punch too. And copious quantities of beer, as you'd expect ;) We didn't really venture into the room with the DJ & the "younger people" much tho, particularly not once there was karaoke, but still got a chance to talk to Andrea for a bit once the people thinned out later on. It was a good evening :) Hope Andrea enjoyed it, sounds like she did! :)

Sunday started late, tho J & I did make it out of bed before midday ... just. Surprisingly not terribly hungover, guess I musta slept through it. We spent most of the afternoon sorting out computery things, and printing off a few photos from Saturday night (that took longer than it should due to the printer getting in a huff with the paper I was using after perfectly printing half a dozen it then refused to do anything other than chew the paper up till I changed to a different brand of paper). But we did have a bit of time after dinner for a walk up to Baybridge & back - taking the dog, who was confused but pleased by this extra walk (and particularly pleased by the extra treat he got once he got home ;) ).

And Monday it was time to set back off again, hardly felt like we'd been there for any time at all!
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