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11 July 2010 @ 04:13 pm
Alan's Wedding Reception  
Last night was Alan & Sheri's wedding reception - Alan is J's karate instructor & it was his stag do that J went to in Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago. They had the reception in The Alex which is a cafe/bar type place in Felixstowe. We decided to get the train so J could have a drink, and everything worked out astonishingly smoothly both for getting there & getting home (despite a minor flap when our taxi to the station turned up 5 minutes early before we were ready to leave the house). It was a little of an odd occasion for us as we only know the karate people & I don't even know them particularly - I only see them once a year at most at Christmas dinner type events. So even tho I recognise people I don't really have much to say & my crapness at small talk really shows up as I stand about slightly awkwardly while J talks to people ;) They're a nice bunch tho. Didn't take any photos at the party, wasn't really that sort of do - no-one else had a camera out except a couple of people who were doing the actual photography (I think). I don't really have much more to say about it, either - pleasant evening out & the happy couple looked very happy & that's what counts :)

And this was the last of the "busy" weekends we've had in a row (not all busyness happened on the actual weekend, but was close enough to make it feel like it had) - starting in late May. Thankfully the planned event was fairly local & only one evening, so we've also had the chance to enjoy the sunshine & heatwave! :) Oh, and play lots of The Beatles: Rock Band! And now I think we have 2 completely and utterly free weekends to look forward to before our next social event \o/
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Paul McCartney "Good Evening New York City"