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Lazy Day :)

Yesterday was a lazy day, I managed to actually sleep through till the alarm (unlike Saturday) so didn't get out of bed till half ten! Most of the afternoon (there wasn't much morning after all) was spent playing The Beatles: Rock Band. We've been working on getting all the photos in the story mode on J's save (our band one) - you get a photo for 3 star-ing and another for 5 star-ing each individual song in story mode, and a photo for getting all the stars on a chapter challenge (all the songs from that chapter in a row). You don't have to do it on expert, but we're stubbornly refusing to drop the difficulty ;) We finally did all the individual songs yesterday - a matter mostly of finding the most plausible instrument combinations (one was bass (me) & vocals (J)!) and just practising a bit till it happened. And we only have 2 chapter challenges left - one will be guitar (me) + bass (J) but needs a little bit of luck to get the last track, the other we haven't tried yet & is probably bass (me) + drums (J) judging by the songs in it. One of the ones we (well, J) did was somewhat frustrating coz we knew we could either of us do it easily on solo bass, but trying to find a 2 instrument combination that could do all the tracks was nigh on impossible - in the end J did it on bass. The problem track is one that we need to gold star for one of the trophies, so we'll have to keep working at it - bass alone doesn't seem possible (100% but still no gold stars, it'll be beatlemania placement dependent if at all possible), and bass+vox wasn't that good as a combination for us, it was just enough to 5 star it by the skin of our teeth.

I screwed up with our dinner plans - I'd bought beef to roast, but either I misread the best before date, or I forgot to put it in the freezer when I got it home, so it was out-of-date & not that nice looking. So we decided that as I had to go to the shops to buy something for dinner anyway I might as well get something different & we had curry for dinner - to go with our evening of beer & football ;) Didn't have a team I wanted to win in advance, but watching the game I liked watching the Spanish more so was glad they finally got a goal :) And glad it didn't end up with penalties, as that would've been a bit of a shame.
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