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Spent a chunk of yesterday looking through the 1901/1891 censuses for the street & house my parents live in - Dad had seen a picture (in a small exhibition of local photos) labelled as the family that moved into the house in 1901. Which makes the house a little older than we'd assumed, so I was looking to see if I could find it in the census data. Unfortunately when they recorded the street they haven't bothered to put the house numbers - so I can find Harry & Lucy Miles in the right street but I can only assume it's the right house not prove it. And then although there's almost as many households listed in 1891 as there are in 1901 (67 vs 69) they don't seem to be in the same (or reverse) order in 1891 & in 1901 - there are a few named cottages, but the order of those is different. Shame I couldn't find out more!

Also played loads of Lego Rock Band - we're working our way through our career mode game & mopping up all the gigs we haven't already done. Which turns out to be rather a lot - and not all of them are even open to us yet. Quite a lot of meat there for a game we've "finished" by at least one measure of completion. Bit of a change of pace from the Beatles one - you get used to everything being similar in style, and the other games have a lot more variety. The random song gigs also keep pulling out songs we'd forgotten we'd bought as DLC which is pretty cool :)

Found a new curry recipe in my book that worked out rather nice - it called itself Chicken Cooked with Yoghurt, which it was but the two most prominent tastes were really the chicken & the onions. Fairly plain, not many spices in it, but tasty all the same. And filling - even J left some rice!!

And L4D afterwards, we've got a new bunch of maps that are harder versions of the original 4 - more tanks, more witches, more specials, more zombies, but the same layout. We finally (after quite a long time of trying) escaped off No Mercy on Friday night (even despite the copious quantities of beer that had been consumed by me ;) ) \o/ So last night we started to take a look at Dead Air (which is my favourite of the original maps - there's an exploding plane at the end, it's awesome :) ). We were doing fairly well, but the game got curtailed a bit due mostly to people assuming other people were mind readers, which was a shame. Still, got more zombies to look forward to this evening ;)
Tags: cooking, family, games, history, l4d, l:rb, pc, ps3

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