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Lazy Sunday :)

In many ways Sunday was a repeat of Saturday - nice to have a totally free & lazy weekend after the last few weeks, so we decided against leaving the house :) So, started off with some Lego Rock Band. Feels like we've made a sizeable dent in the number of gigs left, but there are still a lot to go - another weekend's worth at least, possibly 2.

Thought a bit more about my parents' house & its past occupants too, and while I didn't come across much more info I did find an interesting site with a lot of info about the history of Headington (which I just got sidetracked into poking through all over again as I went to get the link to copy'n'paste into this entry). And a site with some old Ordnance Survey maps.

Dinner was tasty tasty roast duck (the co-op has been getting duck in recently, which seems a bit exotic compared with their normal range of food). And zombie hunting was my evening's entertainment :)
Tags: family, games, history, l4d, l:rb, pc, ps3

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