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Monday. Very Monday.

Today was Monday. And a very Mondayish Monday it managed to be. I got into work full of efficient thoughts and started to work, then Vera 'popped by' on her way from the airport (which one I do not know) to York. We talked thesis stuff a bit, and she sort of agreed that it was dragging on a bit long now so hopefully she'll read stuff quite promptly. We then talked about the stuff I'm doing to round off one of her papers. And basically I've to stop what I was doing, and do it differently. Bah. And in some ways this was just as well, coz I went back through to stop the fluorimeter run that was going at the time, and it'd screwed up already. See, I said it was Monday. I then asked Vera for some advice on something else I'm working on - and we've decided to do that completely differently too. But that's not so bad, coz a) I wasn't doing anything to it today and b) it wasn't working in the first place.

And that just about got me to lunch. So now I had nothing to do, but a requirement to look busy. I managed, just about and buggered off a little early.

Then they fucked the trains up. And didn't bother making any useful announcements. So we all stood and waited and played guessing games as to which train we were going to get ("Well that one can't go to Sheringham coz it'll never fit in the station, so maybe it's our one?" "Nah, it's still saying platform 3 for us"). And there were still no announcements, so we got on the train on the platform the screens said, and hoped. Thankfully it's fairly clear just after you leave Norwich station whether you're on the Sheringham line or the London line. So we only had to sit and wonder for about 5 minutes after the train left. It wasn't that late - only about 20 minutes - but it really does annoy me when they can't even be bothered to do announcements for us.

Still this evening is good - I know that I don't have to go into work tomorrow. And I'm spodding and listening to good music :)

And we're going to the Marillion concert tomorrow night :) *beam*

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