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Virtuous Saturday Afternoon Trip to Town

No entry yesterday, mostly just coz I didn't get round to it. Which is a bad habit & I shouldn't get into it ;) We'd got up a bit too late to do much before we went into town yesterday - could've gone in later, but really we were bribing ourselves to do the less interesting stuff by having lunch at the Chinese buffet place, so going in later would've meant missing off the bribe (well, half the bribe). The boring bit was having to sort out stuff for our Co-op account - they send dividend cheques out once a year (proportional to what you spent) and you can only spend them directly if you're the main account holder. And due to historical accident (ie J moved to Ipswich first) J's the account holder & I'm not, yet I do the shopping. So we both had to go in to the Members' Office & get them to turn the cheques into real money. We'd asked a couple of years back about changing the account holder & were told it was impossible, but I asked again on the off chance and this time it was possible. So that's apparently sorted out & next year I get to just spend the cheques. I think we were the poor woman's entertainment for the whole day - the Members' Office used to be in the Co-op department store, which turned into a Vergo & is now shut down. So now it's kinda tucked into the back of the clearance store, and in a bit that doesn't even look like part of the shop - so they've gone from being somewhere with lots of people to not seeing anyone much at all.

The rest of the trip to town was spent looking for a birthday present for Phil & going into every game or CD selling shop in town just coz J wanted a look at the stock (tho he didn't buy anything). We also looked in the musical instrument shop, but really we don't need any more when we don't play the ones we have ;) Bumped into Andrew & Justin while we were there, too - caught up briefly, haven't seen them in a fair while. Andrew's current job doesn't let him have much of a lunch break, so we don't meet up for pub lunches every month or so now like we used to. And a pub trip on the way home from town, as the other half of the bribe.

Rest of the day was very computer game oriented - and cut short a little at the end of the evening coz J had a karate class this morning so we'd be up early ... then the class was cancelled at 8am this morning, so if we'd only known yesterday we needn't've gone to bed early. Bah! ;)
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