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Road Layout Changed Ahead

As part of the whole docks-regeneration/university & college building work they're re-organising one of the major junctions near our house. Just up from our house there's a junction where most people turn off to go down towards the docks & town, and at the bottom of that road there's a roundabout. They're doing away with the roundabout and making it traffic lights & totally re-doing the road layout too. So right now that end of that road is complete closed, for 8 or 10 weeks or something. And when that's done you'll only be able to come up the street (towards us) not down it (to the docks). Well, you will be able to go down it, you'll just get to a dead end.

And so this morning there were traffic queues back past our house during rush hour, due to all the people who came into town their normal way & suddenly discovered the "road ahead closed" & "diversion" signs ... hopefully the council have thought it through properly & it's not going to be like this forever now! Have to say I'm not convinced, I can't see where else the traffic will go, except down our street & it's not like it was a particularly quiet road before. They're also making parking even less possible, which doesn't change much for us - J always parks on a side street anyway coz the no-parking hours don't match up well with when he goes to/from work. But they're doing more double-yellows, so I think you'll end up only able to park on one side of the street even during the times when you can park. So I have this sneaking suspicion that the "plan" is for heavier traffic on our street - better traffic for Ipswich overall, just locally worse for us. Oh well.

On the plus side though, they're putting pedestrian crossings on the junction up the street. Which will be good (coz I often have to play dodge-the-traffic on the way up to the co-op, I hate people who don't indicate at junctions incidentally) ... but probably less necessary once the traffic patterns are changed ;)
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